.... your partner in protection
Established in August 10, 1971 a few months before the proclamation of martial law, ROYAL SECURITY AGENCY, INC., (RSA) made name slowly but steadfastly in what has developed as the largest private protective and security organization in Central Luzon and outside Metro Manila.

Starting with a dozen guards, whose first contract assigned them to a first class subdivision tenanted by U.S. Air Force, RSA gradually grew up in prestige and reputation. Its growing clientele regularly attested to its performance, confirming its worth and merit in an industry where dependability and integrity are the prime assets.

Corporate policy has always been geared to client's satisfaction, which simply means efficient, honest, and dependable service at all times. The secret is a proven management process which start from fastidious recruitment system, rigid guard selection, continuous training and education, and personnel morale through attractive compensation and incentives.

Surviving and successfully growing during the years of martial law attest to the corporate dynamism of its founders, whose abiding perseverance, astute leadership, and commendable vision steered the Agency as a frontrunner in the industry.

Its successful operations in more than 41 years is not only a matter of claim, but official recognition  through awards form military institutions, private organization, the local government had been its hallmark pride through the years.  RSA has consistently topped all its peers in the industry for the most number of times it has won as "OUTSTANDING SECURITY AGENCY IN REGION 3"